Palmera a grassroots, not-for profit organisation of social innovators and professionals who work with communities to create positive change. We have worked with Palmera for over a decade and were fortunate enough to be invited to work on their latest project — Handmade
A book showcasing the recipes of women of Sri Lanka, especially those who have suffered the atrocities of the Sri Lankan civil war.
We designed this book as forum to tell the stories of strength and struggle of these women, through the medium of food.
Client:  Palmera
Brand:  Handmade 
Project:  Editorial, Branding
Art direction and design:  Shruti Thiruchelvam, Frank Thiruchelvam
Project Manager:  Abarna Suthanthiraraj
Project Co-ordinator:  Sivanjana Kathiravel
Recipes and features:  Nesa Eliezer
Author:  Anjali Roberts
Editor:  Jessica Perini
Photographer: Suja Samivel

Selected works

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